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Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

Post  edmarlottoempires Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:37 pm

Rules and Regulations Rules-10

Rules and Regulations Rules-11

Rules and Regulations Rules-12

The hereunder rules and regulations are stated to ensure the proper use of the website and to avoid encumbrances on the part of the members whether you are paid or non-paid members.

My Dear Brother Please Be Reminded of these rules:

1. Don’t post any pornographic materials or items.
2. Don’t start argument with anyone.
3. Don’t use any bad words.
4. Don’t post any useless item.
5. Don’t login other user name.
6. Don’t give your user name to your friends.
7. Don’t share my tips to other websites.
8. Don’t give my VIP tips to others.

Failure to comply with the following rules and regulations shall be deleted from membership. For your compliance.


After successfully Transfer/Deposit your membership fee, please contact our agent Name: HIDDEN (S), E-mail :- edmarlottoempires@yahoo.com to us to activate your membership.  

Please Send Us or Confirmed Us To Activate Your Membership Without any Further Delay.
Your Sender/Deposit Amount In Dollar/Saudi Riyal
Your Deposit any reference Number or MTC Number Or scan copy of deposit/W.U.M.T slip, chose your best option that you can for membership confirmation.
With Best Regards

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