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We found so many indiscipline in our betting system, and EDMAR LOTTO EMPIRE will not tolerate this thing's again, we need only serious people who really need to solve their financial condition.[/color] 
We strictly warn and advice you to follow the rules.

  • Don’t make our mail in spam folder.
  • Read every mail and reply every mail even in short single word.
  • You have to act as we will advise you to act nothing less nothing more.
  • We will only count your membership if our 3up win (straight / rumble)
  • You have to bet as according to our amount we suggest.
  • Winning found 50% you have to share with Master Hidden.
  • If you fail to act then your membership will be cancel.
  • Register your mail and mobile number to data base.
  • Send your correct name and location for safety reason.
  • You can take tips by mail and voice call by mobile only register one.
  • We will not reply or give you any tips if your mobile number or e-mail not register properly.
  • One member can use only one mobile number or one e-mail.
  • If you like to change your mobile or e-mail then ask a request before it’s too late for betting.
  • You have to reply us every mail that you read and understand.
  • If you fail to reply any mail then your membership will be automatic cancel.
  • Before result you have to reply that you bet successful as we suggest the winning set.
  • Each game we will send you 5 to 10 set with straight and also include money how much you will bet each.
  • Once win you will send the 50% to us by bank account we will send.
  • No any excuse if you fail to send winning found.
  • If you use our tips then don’t ever try to use other people tips.
  • If you lose then also we will cover your loss.
  • If you keep use our tips then sure you will collect good money what you never imagine.
  • Edmar lotto empire tips are fully generated through mathematical not any paper tips.
  • One hit will be cover your 3 to 4 your betting loss or you can say more money you can make.
  • Keep use our tips even you loss but don’t move unless until we will not tell you to stop.
  • If you need success then keep stay with us and keep follow the tips.

With best regards
Edmar & Master Hidden


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